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Featured Stories 2008

Super Solar Panel Videos
TheGreenerHome.com has selected several solar panel videos worth your viewing time. May they help you bring renewable energy into your home. Click Here

Earth Day Special

As Earth Day 2008 (April 22) approaches,
discover events and specials to celebrate a greener region and a cleaner planet. Click Here

"Fossil Fools Day" Protest: Eight Arrested at Cliffside Coal Plant
Reported by RisingTideNorthAmerica.org. Click Here

Proposed 585-Megawatt Coal-Fired Plant in Southwest Virginia Is Necessary, Says Va. Gov. Tim Kaine
Reported by WashingtonPost.com, which says that there are approximately 40 coal-fired power plants planned or being constructed in the U.S. Click Here
(Editor's Note: For more info about power plants in Virginia, visit the Governor's website and enter the key words in the upper right search engine of Virginia.gov: Dominion coal-fired plants Southwest Va Click Here) 

* Noteworthy Calendars
Click Here
* Listing of Local Groups and Organizations Click Here
* North Carolina Energy Tax Incentives Click Here
* Permaculture Activist Articles Online Click Here


Ashevillage Institute Presents Sustainability Workshops
Learn how to live greener by taking one or all of eight sustainability courses offered throughout 2008 by Ashevillage Institute. Topics include permaculture, natural building, beekeeping, capturing rain water, and more. Click Here  

All-New GreenSpec Directory 7th Edition
Now Available.
Over 2,100 green building products selected by the editors of Environmental Building News. Click Here

Plan and Plant An Edible Landscape
Spring (and fall) is a great time to start planting. Interview with Griffin Abee. Click Here

U.S. Rep. Heath Schuler Scores 75% on Pro-Environmental Legislation Scorecard
Senators Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole receive failing grades, each with a low 7% rating, by League of Conservation Voters. Just-released 2007 National Environmental Scorecard details specific legislative support and rejection. Click Here

Boycott Grows Against Progress Energy and Duke Energy
More grassroots groups continue to protest Duke's proposed Cliffside coal-powered plant in NC and Progress's proposed nuclear power plants in Florida.
News posted Feb. 1, 2008, by Canary Coalition Click Here

The Latest Myths and Facts About Global Warming
Authored by Dr. James Wang and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer.
Published by Environmental Defense. Click Here

50 People Who Could Save the Planet
It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. The Guardian of the United Kingdom gives their list. Click Here

American Pioneers, Awake
Who's Who in helping the mountains stay green. Click Here

Free Mineral Identification
At Colburn Earth Science Museum.
 Every Weds., 3 to 4 p.m.
Click Here

AAC Block House Is Green and Ideal for D-I-Ys
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) may be in your future, especially if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Interview with SafeCrete with on-hands training available. Click Here

Finding Uses for Dead Pines
Solutions on what to do with trees in the West ruined by bark beetles.
Reports the Los Angeles Times. Click Here 

THE GREENER HOME Set to Launch in 2008
Expanded Print Issue of "The Greener Home" will hit the streets and mailboxes in early 2008
Publisher Byron Belzak of MediaBear and well-known freelance writers Cecil Bothwell, Mike Hopping, Peter Loewer and others have created the first standalone print version of THE GREENER HOME. This magazine focuses on sustainable living and green building topics in the mountains. It is intended for homeowners and residents of Asheville and Western North Carolina. For more details, contact Byron Belzak at 828-768-5600 for 2008 Advertising Rates & Editorial Policy. Click Here

Photo by Lisa Ring * Copyright 2007 MEDIABEAR.COM
Advantage Innovation 2007 Conference Explores the Energy Future for WNC
AdvantageWest's All-Day Energy Conference at Crowne Plaza in late 2007 Attracts Hundreds
Well-known Asheville area business owners and government officials, including an Oak Ridge National Laboratory spokesperson, focused on regional renewable energy issues. Click Here

* PROPOSED U.S. ENERGY BILL Boosts Fuel-Economy Standards Reports Los Angeles Times Click Here


* NEW GREEN TRANSIT Company Serves Asheville Click Here


*AL GORE'S Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech
Excerpts Click Here

* NEW SUSTAINABLE ENERGY COUNCIL of WNC Promotes Greater Citizen's Voice Click Here

* REMODELED GREENER HOUSE Serves As Classroom Click Here

Free Parking at NC Arboretum Click Here

WNC Green Building Directory

Builder's Guide to Reuse and Recycling

The Sustainable Design Resource Guide

Local Links

Henderson County Arby's To Use Solar Energy

Canary Coalition Posts Photos of TVA's Wind Project

WNC Residential Energy Survey

Southeast Drought Monitor

It Takes An EcoVillage

Live Lightly on Earth

Grow Local, Buy Local

NC Water Conservation Tips

NC Recycling Markets Directory

NC Steep Slope and Landslide Maps

NC Geological Survey Information

National Forests in North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions About Saving Energy

Harvest Wind Power on Your WNC Property

See How A Wind Turbine Works

Laurel Valley Watch News

Meet You at the Landfill "Swap Meet"

 The EcoBuilders' Passion: Green Building

The Amazing "Eloo" Toilet Comes to America

Alliance for A Sustainable Future

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Build Electric Vehicles for Your Neighborhood

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

How to Save the World

Hike An Old Growth Forest

Rare Old Growth Forest Threatened

Where to Hike in Western North Carolina

Know Your Trees of Western North Carolina

Kimberly-Clark/Kleenex Destroys Ancient Forests

Aerial Art and Nature

George W. Bush (Sorta) on Global Warming

My New Year's "Greener" Resolutions

"Is God Green?" Asks Bill Moyers

"Energy Diversity" Speech

Blue Man Group Explains Global Warming

What Can You Do About Climate Change?

Pres. Bush's Advanced Energy Initiative 2006

10 Recommendations for America's Energy
Independence by Sen. Salazar

The Coming Hydrogen Economy

12-Step Program to End America's Oil Addiction

Smart Growth America, The Organization

Vote Solar, The Movement

Know Your Renewable Energy

n A Monorail in Our Midst
 A comprehensive state-wide transportation proposal to help reduce air pollution is being circulated by the Canary Coalition Click Here> 

n Join the March
Join the Virtual March at StopGlobalWarming.com Click Here>

n "DestiNY" Mega-Mall Dream That's All Green?
Developer Robert Congel has big plans for upstate New York that he says won't harm the environment. Click Here>

n Camry Hybrid to Reduce Gas Consumption
In late 2006, production of Toyota's first North American manufactured gas-electric hybrid of the popular Camry will begin in Georgetown, Kentucky. The plant has the capacity to build approximately 48,000 Camry hybrid vehicles per year. More>

n Apollo Offers Report to End Our Addiction to Oil
Apollo Alliance Energy Report urges the President Bush to follow model state energy programs. The report, called "New Energy for States," outlines the best state-based clean energy solutions the feds can adopt nationally. More>

n How To Save Energy
This government website about ways to save money through greater home energy efficiency is timely given dramatically higher energy costs. More>

Passive Solar for Do-It-Yourselfers:
Living in Harmony with Nature
Designing and building with passive solar and sun spaces in mind makes more sense, if saving money and leaving a light footprint on Mother Earth are high on your priority list of things worth doing. Noteworthy is the technique of building with dry stack blocks without mortar that utilize Quikwall or a similar surface bonding product. Nowadays, living in harmony with nature can be as practical as it is beautiful. More.

New Category of Eco-Realtors
Ginny Lentz of Beverly-Hanks & Associates, Weaverville, NC, is one of the nation's first designated Eco-Realtors. Her new video is a primer on how she hopes to preserve the mountains. More>

North Carolina One of Top Six States with Energy-Efficient, Environmentally Safe Buildings
Energy Star status was conferred on more than 2500 buildings in 2005 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. All states had some Energy Star status buildings, but most are located in six states with Food Lion leading the way. More>

How to Determine Solar Potential on Your Property
The manufacturer of "Solar Pathfinder" said that its affordable technical field instrument can help you determine your site's total annual solar potential in just five minutes. More.

Make Your Roof Out of Photovoltaic Shingles
This article explains how and why some builders are installing PV collectors that resemble traditional roof shingles. More...

New Generation of Photovoltaic Cells
PBS and Scientific American have teamed up to offer "Hydrogen Hopes," a wonderful series about what some people are doing to make the world a greener, better place. Noteworthy is Part 3, entitled "Sunshine Hydrogen." The info about a new generation of rugged, thin-film, photovoltaic cells is incredible. More.

Asheville's First Public Compressed Natural Gas Station
The community’s first public compressed natural gas station opened in January 2006 for public use. More.

Consortium of Education & Research
Consortium of Education & Research of the Carolinas's mission is to further economic development in the Western Carolinas through education, infrastructure and capital development. More>

NC "Net Metering" Takes Effect in 2006 
North Carolina producers of renewable energy may sell back excess capacity to the power companies on a first-come, first-served basis, effective Jan. 1. More.

Georgia Nature Center To Feature Solar Power
The Georgia Nature Center, located on 144 acres in Oconee County, Georgia, 20 minutes south of Athens, is scheduled to open in 2006.
Featured are exhibits and information about organic farming and solar energy, as well as five miles of nature trails to contemplate a greener home. More.

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient
Alliant Energy's PowerHouse is an educational program designed to help improve the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of your home. We in the mountains would do well to borrow a page from their book. More.

Biodiversity Rules
Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project (SABP) is a favorite among greener advocates in the Asheville Area. If you're looking for a local green group to join, this might be your match. More.

Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice
Some say this book is the seminal text on green chemistry. The concept of lowering risk by reducing hazard rather than exposure is discussed. The 12 principles of green chemistry are described in detail. More>

Earthaven Develops Village-Scale Economy
Earthaven Ecovillage, an intentional community located in Rutherford County, explains how some of its members earn a living on-site or in nearby Asheville. Tours of Earthaven are available to the public by reservation. More.

U.N.'s Sustainable Development Division
The United Nations' Division for Sustainable Development initiates and participates in many "greener" meetings,
conferences and initiatives offered around the globe. More>

Access and Write for Wikipedia, The Free Online Encyclopedia
Wikipedia is a most wonderful grassroots resource in every way. Whether it's today's news, today's featured topic, or one of thousands of non-commercial articles about our environment, construction, energy, transportation, fuel -- or whatever else your questioning mind wants to know -- this is one straightforward, easy-to-use, worthy informational source that rivals the accuracy of the traditional gold standard in the knowledge business: the Encyclopaedia Brittannica, which for the most part is not free. And if you're so inclined, you too can author your own articles about what it is you know and care about. Power to the 'Pedia! More>

"SustainLane" Tells of Greener Churches
Some congregations believe that part of their mission is to treasure God's green earth when building, remodeling or maintaining their own homes of worship. More.

Why the Smoky Mountains Deserve Protection
"Smog levels in the Great Smoky Mountains rival the level of smog in Los Angeles." More...

Mountaineer Notes "Disappearing Haywood"
In a copyrighted story by Jeff Schmerker of The Mountaineer, there's evidence of immediate need for more slope and erosion control as new construction accelerates in the mountains. More.

Forest and Wildlife Come Back to Chernobyl
Although humans dare not visit the site of the world's worst nuclear accident said to equal the radiation fallout of 400 Hiroshimas, Mother Nature is unexpectedly returning. More>

Understand Your Demanding Heart
Fit & Well News of how to keep your heart ticking stronger and longer is offered by James Biddle, M.D., of Asheville Integrative Medicine. More.



n Concrete Thinking for a Sustainable World
There are many ways to build a concrete home. More.

n Take the Home Energy Quiz
See how your home stacks up in its energy efficiency. More> 

n NC HealthyBuilt Homes Offered in Asheville Area
NC HealthyBuilt Homes is a voluntary, state-wide “green building” certification program led by the North Carolina Solar Center in collaboration with the WNC Green Building Council, Asheville Home Builders Association, the State Energy Office and others. More.

n Real Goods' Solar Living Source Book in 12th Edition
One of the best compendiums to help you evaluate greener strategies for your home with understandable explanations about renewable energy products and systems. More.

n Home Energy "Checklist for Action"
Tips on how to save energy and money. More. 

n Consumer Reports Offers Greener Choices
Anatomy of your energy bill and how to save. More.

n Understanding Biodegradable Plastics
A comprehensive look by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre at renewable sources of biodegradable plastics. More.

n Solar Energy Website Shines Brightly
Your federal tax dollars are well at work at this Dept. of Energy (DOE) website, which shines a light on new and proven solar energy technologies. More.

n Prefabs Give a Whole New Meaning to Shelter
FabZone of FabPreFab shows what's new in modernist single-family prefab dwellings using steel, wood and glass. More.

n Clean Burning Wood Stoves and Fireplaces
Covers wood stoves, pellet stoves, gas stoves, fireplace inserts, and decorative logs. More.

n Land Trust Offers a Way to Protect the Family Farm
Here's the story of one Tennessee farmer. More.

n Welcome Wildlife to Your Certified Yard
The National Wildlife Federation has helped over 50,000 U.S. property owners make their backyards into certified wildlife habitat sites. Find out how you can make yours one, too, by focusing on the four wildlife survival elements: food, water, cover and places to raise young. More.

n The Greenest and The Meanest Vehicles Rated
Info about the best and worst vehicles today. More.

n How to Drive Greener
Tips on how to drive smarter in any vehicle. More.

n NC Senators Introduce Emissions Bill 1038
If you're going to play, you're going to pay, is the bottom line to Senate Bill 1038, Mobile Emissions Reduction Program. On a sliding scale, it proposes to slap higher registration fees based on the type of vehicle you drive, how many miles you drive, and your total fuel consumption. It might be a bummer to own a Hummer. More.

n Dogwood Alliance Protests Against OfficeMax
This growing regional group, which is comprised of dozens of organizations, is publicly questioning the retailer's paper buying habits. More.

Select Sponsors of TheGreenerHome.com ...
* Cates Property Services Lawn & Pressure Washing More>
* HandyPlus Home Repair and Remodeling Directory More>
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n Soco Gardens Zoo To Reopen As A Botanical Garden
That's right, this Maggie Valley landmark is not closing its doors forever. It is only reorganizing. More.

n Green Teacher Provides Education for Planet Earth
Two new hands-on books are offered for elementary and middle school instructors More.

n WNC "Think Global, Act Local" Movement Grows
Self-sufficiency and healthier ways of living have captured the imaginations and organizational skills of many WNC newcomers and those born-and-raised here. More.

n NC Ranks One of Worst in Energy-Efficiency Spending
The 10 lowest ranked states - with little or no program spending on energy efficiency programs - are: Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Kansas, Delaware, Virginia, and Wyoming. More.

n Some Corporations Now Buying Renewable Energy
The Green Power Partnership releases its findings.

n TVA Meeting Current Green Power Demand
A newly released performance report shows TVA's wind turbine program is producing an excess of green power. More.

n Carpooling Made Easy in NC
North Carolina offers a statewide rideshare matching service. More.

 n How Companies Can Offset Their Travel Emissions
Carbonfund.org offers an innovative way in which companies can help reduce carbon emissions. More.

n Sustainable Tourism Worldwide
Expedia and UN Foundation have launched World Heritage Alliance to preserve and promote over 800 global tourism treasures. More.



How to Create A Viable Biodiesel Industry
For the podcast, Click Here.

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